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Moving to Spain means new opportunities, prospects and, of course, quality of life. But dealing with the bureaucratic system and resolving issues related to legal stay in the country can ruin your plans. Our team offer a full range of immigration services, from initial immigration consultations to support in the process of obtaining various types of visas and statuses.


helping with immigration issues

іміграція до Іспанії ВНЖ


We assist our clients at every step of the immigration process:

Residence permit in Spain: support in the process of obtaining a residence permit, work permit.

Obtaining Spanish citizenship: legal support

Renewal of all types of residence: assistance in extending existing residence permits.

Preparation of documents and presentation for Spanish citizenship for children born in Spain.

Presentation of documents for Spanish citizenship

  1. Residence permit: the classic way for those who want to live and work in Spain.
  2. Golden Investor Visa and Investor Residence Permit: ideal for large investors wishing to invest in the Spanish economy.
  3. Students visa: an excellent choice for young people seeking to study in Spanish institutions.
  4. Residence permit through marriage: for those married to a Spanish citizen or resident.
  5. Residence permit with the right to work: for foreign professionals who have found work in Spain.
  6. Business immigration is great for entrepreneurs who want to make a startup in Spain.
  7. Family reunification: possible if part of your family already lives in Spain and you wish to join them.
  8. IT-nomad visa: a new and promising option for IT professionals.


We can help you!

Everyone who has just moved to Spain has a lot of questions about paperwork, organisation, starting a business, taxes and more. Contact us and we will help you with many questions related to moving to Spain!

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