Business Registration and Support

Spain draws entrepreneurs globally, yet the process of registering and managing a company in the country can be complex without expert support.

регистрация бизнеса в испании

Business services in Spain

Registering and supporting a business in Spain involves a complex process that necessitates a thorough understanding of local laws and market conditions. Our company provides a comprehensive suite of services to streamline this process, including legal support, help with registration, and business management assistance.

Business Registration in Spain

We assist you in selecting the type of legal entity, gathering the necessary documents for registration, and navigating all formal procedures.

Bookkeeping. Hestor services

Our company collaborates with experienced accountants who possess an in-depth knowledge of local legislation. This ensures that you will not face an increased tax burden or incur penalties for late payments.

Submitting Declarations

Besides operating a business, every individual residing in Spain must file an income tax return. We will assist you in accurately preparing the declaration and provide advice on all matters related to its submission.

Your representative

If your proficiency in Spanish is not sufficient for communicating with Spanish tax advisors, we will handle the communication, exchange documents, and facilitate consultations on your behalf.

Choice of legal entity form

One of the first and most crucial steps in registering a business is selecting the appropriate legal entity form. In Spain, there are various forms, including a joint stock company (Sociedad Anónima, S.A.), a limited liability company (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada, S.L.), and the option to open branches of foreign companies. Each form has distinct characteristics, advantages, and obligations, with the choice depending on the business size, future plans, and other significant factors.

Company registration process

The process of incorporating a company in Spain includes several essential steps. It begins with the preparation and submission of the required documents, laying the foundation for the business’s future success. Opening a bank account and drafting the company’s Articles of Association are also crucial, as they establish the rules and procedures for operating your company.

Purchasing an Established Business

For individuals interested in purchasing an existing business, conducting a comprehensive review of the financial and legal documents is crucial to ensure that the business is legally compliant and financially stable. Evaluating the transaction’s profitability is also a critical factor, to ensure the business aligns with your objectives and expectations.

Trade mark registration

Protecting a company’s intellectual property and brand is a vital aspect of conducting business. The trademark registration process involves applying for registration and verifying the uniqueness and compliance of the trademark. This safeguards your brand and the distinctiveness of your products or services in the market.

Autonomo status (“autonomo”)

In Spain, self-employed individuals can opt for the “autónomo” status, which involves registering as self-employed and paying social contributions and taxes. This status is ideal for those seeking to operate their business in a more simplified manner.

We provide services in various languages, including Russian, Ukrainian, and Spanish, to ensure comfortable communication and a comprehensive understanding of all nuances for our clients. Our team of specialists is ready to offer you all the necessary information and support at every stage of registering and managing your business.

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