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Education in Spain broadens horizons and offers opportunities for both personal and professional development. Our company provides a wide range of services, including assistance in choosing language schools and educational institutions, as well as support in the recognition and equivalency of diplomas and certificates to ease the adaptation and study process in Spain.


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образование в Испании омологация дипломов

We can help you with

Advice on choosing a language school

The first step towards successful studies in Spain is mastering the language. We assist you in selecting language schools that provide high-quality Spanish language programs, considering the unique needs and knowledge levels of each client.

Homologation of diplomas and certificates

The recognition of diplomas and certificates is essential for validating foreign education in Spain. We provide assistance in translating and submitting all required documents, and offer guidance on all aspects related to this process.

Arranging for a guardianship or tutor

We facilitate the arrangement of guardianship or tutors for underage students planning to study in Spain.

Advice on choosing educational institutions

Advice on choosing nurseries, schools, colleges, universities.


Assistance with all necessary paperwork for study.

Diploma homologation in Spain is necessary for regulated professions, which are those requiring membership in professional associations and adherence to specific qualification standards. Below are examples of professions that mandate diploma homologation:

  1. Medical professionals: including doctors of all specialities, nurses, physiotherapists, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, therapists, speech therapists, veterinarians and pharmacists.
  2. Engineers, including road, harbor, and canal engineers; telecommunications engineers; civil engineers; aerospace engineers; industrial engineers; agricultural engineers; mining engineers; marine engineers; and forestry engineers, are also required to undergo diploma homologation.
  3. Legal professions, such as lawyers, prosecutors, and other legal professionals, also require diploma homologation.
  4. Architects.
  5. Educators: teachers and lecturers.
  6. Psychologists.
  7. Nutritionists.
  8. Topographers.

The homologation of diplomas for these professions ensures that their holders are legally qualified to work in their respective fields in Spain. This process verifies that foreign education complies with the standards and requirements set for these professions in Spain.


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Studying abroad is a significant decision. Our goal is to offer you comprehensive support and guidance at every step, ensuring your education in Spain is comfortable, effective, and successful. Contact us for a consultation!

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