Moving to Spain is an important and responsible step that requires careful planning and understanding of many aspects. We offer a professional consultancy service covering all the key issues involved in settling down in Spain.


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консультация в Испании переезд внж обучение

Living and working

We provide full information about the different types of residency, including residence permits, permanent residence permits and help you to obtain the necessary documents and advise on all legal aspects of the process. We advise on issues related to obtaining the right to work in Spain, obtaining a work visa, starting a business, taxation, obtaining and processing a pension.

Social security

Advice and support on registration, childcare, school and daycare, invoices, lease agreements, national health insurance, SIP card and other services related to social security. If necessary, we can provide an interpreter to accompany you to government offices, clinics and hospitals, banks, social security offices, etc. (Valencia, other cities by prior arrangement).


Advice and support on the execution of documents, contracts, translation of documents from other countries and their approval in Spain.

Issuance of e-certificates

You will need an electronic certificate to run your business, deal with social security issues, and obtain all sorts of statements and certificates in Spain. We provide advice on what it is, why it is necessary, help you to prepare documents and register an electronic certificate and electronic signature.

Questions about moving and living in Spain

Have you just moved to Spain, or are you considering it for life? You probably have a lot of questions related to organizing your life, professional life, dealing with government authorities, education, opportunities. We provide a wide range of consultation services.

Want to know more about living in Spain?

We are ready to share our experience and expertise to make your move and adjustment as smooth as possible. Contact us today!

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